Great West Produce Inc. has long maintained a mission of providing our customers with the safest and highest quality produce available. In an effort to accomplish this, Great West Produce has implemented food safety policies and procedures to ensure the product we receive, store, and ship is of the best quality, while minimizing the risk of a food borne illness outbreak.

Great West Produce Inc., is certified to the guidelines of the Global Food Safety Initiative and our entire food safety program is audited yearly by the 3rd Party Auditing Firm Primus Labs. These policies include, but are not limited to: A HACCP plan, Traceability and Recall Plan, Sanitation Procedures, Employee Hygiene Procedure, Facility Security System, and a Contracted Pest Control System. Great West continually updates this program to stay current or ahead of industry guidelines in the ever-evolving world of Food Safety. Feel free to contact us for more information!