Generations of Great Produce

Through years of hard work passed from generation to generation, the Villa family has been at the root of Great West Produce from the very beginning–60 years and counting. With a legacy of meaningful connections and a constant commitment to delivering premium products, you’ll notice a difference when you partner with Great West Produce. We carefully weigh market conditions, product availability and environmental sustainability, so our produce stands out from the competition. The relationships we maintain with our customers, growers and staff allow us to source and offer the finest selections of fruits and vegetables available in the industry. Once you get a taste of how we do business you’ll discover that when you work with us, you partner with family.

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Paul Villa


Sean Villa


Ken Ewalt

Executive Vice President

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Todd Walker


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Meet Our Team

Great West Produce - Commerce, CA


Francisco Jardim

323-869-0200 x 2510

Corn, Mixed Vegetables

Ben Heck

323-869-0200 x 2505

Brussel Sprouts, Squash, Mixed Vegetables

Kevin Johnson

323-869-0200 x 2508

Potatoes, Berries

David Lizzarago

323-869-0200 x 2504

Green Beans, Hot Peppers, Mixed Vegetables

Mark Frazee

323-869-0200 x 2525

Consolidation, Mixed Vegetables

Doug Wakabayashi

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Cheyne Long

323-869-0200 x 2523

Snow Peas, Snap Peas, Mixed Vegetables

Gabriel Gonzalez

323-869-0200 x 2146

Sales Coordination

Sal Melendrez

323-869-0200 x 2147

Onions, Potatoes

Great West Gourmet - San Francisco, CA

Great West Gourmet - Nogales, AZ

Great West Produce - Salinas, CA


Great West Produce is always looking for great individuals to join our team. If you’re passionate about bringing premium produce to consumers, we’d love to hear from you.

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