Our Great Products

Our premium selection of California-grown fruits and vegetables are picked at peak freshness to consistently deliver the ripest, juiciest flavors available. Discover unbeatable produce with our national and worldwide distribution services.

Notice the difference in quality with fresh fruits from Great West Produce. Ripe and ready to be savored, we offer a broad selection of seasonal and perennial fruits with exceptional flavor profiles.

Packed with antioxidants, fiber and essential minerals, our farm-fresh vegetables are carefully selected to ensure excellence in every serving.

We pick our fruits and vegetables at peak ripeness, then quickly freeze them to lock in vital vitamins and nutrients. Frozen produce is shelf-stable and longer-lasting, offering incomparable value.

Our premium organic produce is consciously grown and harvested without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. From soil prepping and seed planting to natural harvesting methods, expect pure greatness in every product.

I like knowing I have a team of experts sourcing the best produce for me at the best possible price. – Francisco