Prioritizing Safety From Farm to Fork

At Great West Produce, food safety is our top priority. From storage and handling to shipping and delivery, we follow strict procedures to ensure that we’re providing premium produce in the safest way possible. Our team understands the collective effort needed to deliver exceptional fruits and vegetables and we are dedicated to following internal and third-party guidelines to minimize foodborne illness throughout every step of the distribution process. The products we offer meet the industry’s highest standards and practices so that our produce is always safe, secure and scrumptious.

Sustainable Practices, Superior Produce

We take pride in responsibly sourcing our fruits and vegetables, considering the ecological impact while maintaining exceptionally high standards in environmental sustainability. The produce we deliver is grown and handled responsibly, inviting our customers to experience fruits and vegetables planted, delivered and distributed with the environment in mind. With Great West Produce, you can feel good about enjoying food that is good for consumers and the planet.

Great West has been my trusted produce supplier for over 20 years and I am looking forward to many more. – Ted